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snapshot of life from my perspective [Sep. 29th, 2007|08:16 pm]
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I need to download for a minute or two so here goes- my life is a bit mental but somehow feels ok right now-strange mish-mash of stuff is going on-
Here is a quick update for you ZACK- ha

I work WAY toooo much-I know this- but right now it is ok-i was just asked to fly to Seattle to speak for 125 people on customer service- (I would rather fly home to ND to see my dad- but sure what the hell i will fly out there on my Sunday off and do it on Monday then take the red-eye back home only to work another solid week of 10+ hour days- I got nothin' else cookin'....so I am going- I do miss training/ public speaking like that and they are putting me up in a suite at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle so that doesn't completely suck- plus I can use the frequent flyer miles to earn a ticket home again- I had a job interview at Polaris Industries- YES they make ATVs and Snowmobiles- so NOT Aveda, but a 6 figure salary wouldn't suck completely and the fatherest I would have to travel would be Wisconsin...a 9-5 job what would I do with myself?? Plus they also make victory motorcycles and getting one of those at cost wouldn't suck either- I realize when it comes to work I can do What I do anywhere- but someday how nice it would be to not be doing it---This time of the year I am placing holiday orders for salons- I feel like I have a calculator glued to my fingers-so that is work...
On the EXCITING front: We have a new family member!
We rescued a new dog! SUMI is a 7 year old Japanese Chin and he is quickly stealing my heart- the most cat-like dog I have ever met- 9 pounds- and he looks like a panda bear and a monkey mated- he makes funny noises and is the sweetest little thing- I drove down to damn near South Dakota to get him, missed the equinox ritual- and spent last weekend helping him adjust- so far pretty good for such a litte guy...Cookie had a surgery Friday and is now home next to me here recovering- on pain meds- she had 9 teeth puled and a tumor removed from her back- this will be her last surgery- I want the rest of her little life to be what it is-as I continue to spoil her rotten- 3 friends have had babies this week- it is in the water i guess- thoughts of motherhood rattle my brain and I resolve myself to working harder and cuddling with the dogs.
My dad got another experimental shot and so is still alive- he is pretty amazing and wants to see his next birthday- he is the original thelemite and says when he wills it he will go and become a star in the sky...we have had many talks about his passing and we are better than ever- Today I am packing, working, potty-training, cleaning, doing laundry, napping, and pondering all of it- my biggest question is:

If this is 'it' am i cool with that?

My answer today: YUP- a king size bed, being held my a man I love, and 3 little dogs who look at me like their God doesn't suck at all.

[User Picture]From: ihateswine
2007-10-01 12:16 am (UTC)
oh YAY another little dog.
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From: gasmaskfiasco
2007-10-01 05:39 am (UTC)
Congratz on the new dog!

Let me know if you want to grab lunch or dinner while you're in Seattle, or if you need a ride from the airport to your hotel or something. My number's 206-851-5934.

Good luck with Cookie's healing.

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